T'ever Cafe & Restaurant

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea-base drink started in 1980.  it is a delicious fun drink with mixture of tea base, fruity syrup and chewy tapioca, jelly or popping bubble, which has fruit juice inside the bubble.  bubble tea can be made according to your mood, cold or hot or even slushy.

Start your day with a hot fresh brew coffee.  it also has variety of flavors for your preference; vanilla, caramel, mocha, latte, and even Vietnamese cafe du monde

124 E Market Street ,  West Chester PA 19382

Call for Order (484) 787-6187.  We are open 6 days a week. Close Sunday

Order online through GrubHub

Our menu features a variety of noodle soups. From chicken broth to beef broth. No MSG used as well. This makes for a delicious, healthy, filling meal.

We have Live Band Music on Saturday night